March 27, 2019

About a month ago, while searching for something to watch on Netflix while I washed the dishes, I came across a great documentary series featuring interviews with Joseph Campbell. The […]

April 15, 2010

I haven’t written in a while, and I apologize for leaving you in silence for so long. I was writing regularly, and then poof nothing. Can’t even say why I […]

February 11, 2010

“You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.” (tagline from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) “I loved you on this day. […]

July 29, 2006

I remember when I was younger, the best thing about the weekend was waking up early Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Back then, the best cartoons were only shown on […]

April 25, 2006

I haven’t been writing lately, mostly because I have been watching a lot of television. If I’m not watching the food network, I’m watching What Not to Wear on TLC […]