April 13, 2019

I haven’t done too much knitting on this shawl in a few weeks, but I had been working on it quite steadily since Christmas. Over the winter break at the […]

March 26, 2019

This is the story of a sweater. About 17 years ago I discovered this fantastic French yarn company called Phildar. The Phildar company had tons of knitting pattern magazines, and […]

October 7, 2014

  Even though I’ve been busy doing a lot of other things the past couple weeks, I’ve still been knitting. I haven’t done much posting, but my fingers have still […]

August 30, 2014

For the past week I’ve been knitting a new project. I’ve had this beautiful yarn in my stash for a few months and I finally figured out what I wanted […]

August 22, 2014

  Today the new episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC America with Peter Capaldi, and so I am celebrating by knitting the scarf that Tom Baker wore when he […]