April 13, 2019

I haven’t done too much knitting on this shawl in a few weeks, but I had been working on it quite steadily since Christmas. Over the winter break at the end of the year I tend to start knitting projects, and this one was something I’d been wanting to do for quite some time, but never got my head around how to create it.

A shawl is quite a simple thing, really. The shape I’m going for with this one is just a triangle. A really, large triangle. There’s nothing fancy to it, other than the stitch pattern I’m using. I happened upon this stitch pattern called Jute that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s fun to knit and also easy to remember. I don’t have to constantly look at a piece of paper to know what to knit next.

And, it’s also reversible. The wrong side looks entirely different from the front, and if the mood strikes, you can wear that side out, rather than the front.

Win win on all counts.

At the moment I figure I’m about half-way done. I still have a ways to go, but each row keeps getting shorter as I decrease on one side to make the triangle shape.

Once I’m done I’ll be posting the pattern so others can try it out. I’m using a nice cotton yarn that’s got many colors mixed together. It looks like a watercolor painting. It’s possible I’ll have it done by summer, but don’t hold your breath.