November 21, 2019

I made this hat a long time ago. I created it in 2017. I had a different brim when I first created it, which didn’t quite fit. But in a way, it was reflective of my marriage, which also didn’t quite work out.

It took me a while to figure out that the brim needed to be an Irish Moss stitch. And it needed to be longer, so it could fit different head sizes. After making several hats over the years, I had an epiphany. My original silverleaf hat needed to be combined with the plain Irish Moss hat I had created.

And boom. The Silverleaf and Irish Moss hat was born. Literally.

It’s one of my most favorite designs. Mostly because I love leaves, and Fall. But also because the moss stitch gives the hat some strength. And when you think about it, when leaves fall to the ground in the forest, they often get caught up in the moss.

This hat holds just one leaf, forever. In whatever color you desire to knit it in.

It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it’s easy to knit. It’s the perfect hat for all occasions. It’s available on Ravelry here. And if you’re not a member of Ravelry, you can buy the knitting pattern here: buy now